View Full Version : 85 Fleetwood, installing aftermarket HU, no sound, whine

05-04-08, 07:51 PM
Well, before I purchased my car, someone had gotten in it and tried to steal the radio, so I've never had sound in the car. It's got the Delco Bose radio (tape, not CD) with amp(s?).

I've wired up the head unit. I've got power and accessory, and the head unit (DEH-P4400) turns on and plays CDs and such. I've got the power antenna feed and the amp power-on feed both wired to the accessory wire (for some reason, the HU isn't putting out any voltage on the blue remote power wire), and I know those should be working, because the antenna goes up with the car.

When the speakers are disconnected, I get no noise at all. Upon connecting to the HU, I get a staticy whine. If I turn the HU volume to full blast I can kind of hear music, but can't really make it out. This is all with the car not running.

Also, for some reason, I have two sets of speaker plugs (the white and blue plugs); I identified the set that goes to the amp, these are the ones that make any noise when tested with the stereo and a AA battery. No idea where the other ones go to.

Any idea on what's going on here? I've tried every test I can think of, and I've looked at the wiring diagrams in my FSM and from the net. I know the amp is getting power, and some sort of signal is going from the HU to the amp. I've checked the ground and I get minimal resistance between the ground and HU chassis, between the ground wire and two other grounds, and between the battery negative and the engine block.

I can't seem to find the amp, either.