: My 2nd row oem center console (black) 4 free if youre in SoCal

05-04-08, 01:25 PM
We had the dealer install the oem center console in our 08 ESV at the time of purchase (interior is ebony)-problem is that with 4 kids it makes getting to the back too much of a chore-we dont fold the 2nd row seats forward in that we have boosters in them most of the time-so here's the deal, if youre in SoCal and you want it, you can have it for free....the only thing I want in exchange is your existing molded floor pieces that go around the console...they need to be cut in order to put the console in-so you'll get mine in exchange-they just pop in and out so it shouldnt take more than 5 mins

Figure I'll give this a week and if no bites i'll just buy the floor pieces (90 each) and sell the console

ps-we're in Irvine

If interested drop me a line at chrislhenry at yahoo.com