: Voice Guidance either crackling or turns Quiet

05-04-08, 02:24 AM
All of a sudden, the voice Guidance is either crackling or turns quiet. For no reason.
Sometimes it works just fine. But other times goes from normal/loud mode, to a very quiet mode. I am not pressing any buttons though. And when it comes back to normal/loud, I also hear a loud crackling.

But what is weird is that when it's normal, the sounds seems to be coming from the top, and then, when it turns quiet, the sounds seems to be coming from in between the dashboard and windshield, on the driver side.

And other times the sound level just jumps between positions, arbitrary, and I have to manually adjust it up. It always turns down for some reason.

so, what do to? is this a common issue? will this require fix or an upgrade?

05-05-08, 03:00 PM
Same thing happens to me periodically. ???

05-06-08, 08:57 PM
me too!

05-07-08, 11:12 AM
i take it that since nobody came with an answer, it must be little "buggy" system issue...

05-12-08, 12:35 PM
i had some time over the weekend, and since I have the VIM lockpick, I dismantled the dash board, wiggled/unplugged/plugged back the cables behind the nav unit. and now it works. go figure.

05-19-08, 10:44 AM
or you can try this as well. since this issue came back, and, of course, got pissed off, I "banged" on the dash, right above the clock, couple of time. And now it works.
Guess what: the beast now knows who's the "daddy"...;-)
try this at your own leisure. i do not assume any responsibility. bla. bla. bla.