: 04 DTS & XM... make sure I'm understanding

05-03-08, 09:28 PM
I've been reading through a ton of posts here, and want to make sure I'm understanding the deal with XM installations and the hits and misses of it on our cars.

I bought a nice XM receiver for my girlfriend for Christmas. At the time she had a sable, but right around there we ended up getting her the DTS instead. After getting the car playing around with it a bit, I've found that it's not XM equipped, although HU does say no XM if I hit the band button enough times. Its got a factory cd changer in the glove box, single disk on the HU and tape too.

I'd ultimately like to keep the interior looking as it does, so installing factory XM would be optimal. My understanding from reading on here is that even if I get a factory XM module from ebay or somewhere else that it's VIN encoded and would not work. Correct?

If my only option here is to install the received I already have, then my best bet is to tie into the CD changer harness with the XM direct setup from radiosandmore.com and run with the install from there correct? Ironically, after searching their site, I'm not seeing anything for an 04 DTS. I've yet to call them.

Am I on target with this or what, what a cluster. :bonkers: