View Full Version : Extremely Loud/Annoying Ticking Noise from Engine?!?!?!

05-03-08, 07:15 PM
Ok. So I put my stock intake back on the truck when I had the whole issue wiht the cigarette lighter thing as I wanted to get the truck back to stock so when it was fixed it was done.. Well ever since the truck was fixed with the wiring and i got it back and running there is a ticking coming from the engine bay.. at first it didnt seem as loud as it is now.. my brother claims it is making the same sound as his car did when the timing belt was going out but my truck is only 2 years old next month and only has 9,000 miles on it.. would/could this be the case? I am hoping it is because i am starting to get nervous that when I put the intake on that i missed something and that from laying around in the garage maybe something got into the tubing and now into the engine.. could this be a possible reason or would that not make a ticking noise? Thanks for any input..

05-06-08, 01:20 PM
Could be your surpentine tensionioner. That is common.

05-06-08, 01:53 PM
Open the hood with it running, is the noise coming from either side or the front of the engine?

05-08-08, 01:44 AM
Check where the noise is coming from like hcvone says. I'll go with guyz1996deville as to it being the tensioner. I replaced mine because of the "ticking noise", now my g/f's 03 is doing the exact same thing. Friend of mine is a caddy tech at the local dealer, it is a common problem with the Escalades.