: '03 Infrared options

05-03-08, 03:33 PM
I just bought an '03 color is infrared, stock everything. Just wanting some ideas for some style upgrades, just got the windows tinted. Thanks....Thinking about the vent visors, hood visor and sunroof visor but don't know how they would look an Escalade. On my old Expedition they looked awesome but this is a whole other league..thanks

05-03-08, 09:20 PM
Look into new rims and a aftermarket grill. That other stuff belongs on a Expedition not a Escalade.
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05-03-08, 09:59 PM
Thanks...Your right about the visors. I've been looking at grills and rims just don't know where to look. Any suggestions on stores/suppliers to check out?

05-03-08, 11:10 PM
look into brake upgrades as well and maybe some Amsoil on your next oil change. haha