: Not Again

05-01-08, 05:18 PM
well Im getting those symptoms feared by us all.my car has started boiling over it has didit three times in the last 5 days.
then only difference is it boils over then overheats after its looses some coolent. so far I have changed the thermostat and
the cap and it sitll does it I checked the fans and they still come on normally.it seems to do it the most when im either in traffic or
I gun it real hard(cleaning Carbon).This really has me stressed at the moment Because I only put 30k on it since I rebuilt the motor from the
last time the gaskets went.But after looking a AJ's post im thinking the timeserts failed and the engine is putting conbustion gasses into the coolent? and the band thing Is I need to make a
250 mile (each way) trip in a week will I make it? the car hasent overheated when on open road like expressways as im still commuting
with it every day 14 miles each way. I need to make this trip also what about putting a sock in the place of the cap Im thinking that this would
release some of the gasses thats going into the coolent.
any thoughts?

05-01-08, 05:33 PM
Have the coolant tested before you make the trip.

05-01-08, 08:20 PM
Have the coolant tested before you make the trip.

Double ditto that. Also change that cap...it could be as simple as that.