: Disc changer removal - 2002-2006

05-01-08, 03:50 PM
We plan to replace our factory stereo system with an Eclipse system which includes replacing the factory cd changer. Has anyone found a pocket or cover to use once the changer is removed and the hole exposed? We spoke to Cadillac and they advised that there was nothing available from the factory. We spoke to Metra and they advised they had not made anything to put in place of the OEM unit. Any ideas, any options, any answers???

05-02-08, 01:02 AM
I have a similiar question.. and a funny story lol.. I was on a date and broke and dropped a dime in the front cigarette lighter hole, trying to get it out i connected both ends and started to spark the lighter.. long story short it blew a bunch of fuses and melted the wires connected to the disk changer (2002 escalade btw sorry? it there a way i could just buy the new wired and just plug them into the appropriate places?

05-02-08, 01:33 PM
Yea that woudl be sweet to have a wood covered panel like on the little one right above that location.