: Finally...

05-01-08, 02:47 PM
Well, Sunday I went to go get my child out of storage. She has been gone since Late october or early November. Man it felt good just to see her. Well, we got it uncovered and it was dusty. I started her up and it ran like a charm... For about a minute. I looked undeer the car and saw fuel. :banghead: My pops and I looked around the fuel lines and yeap, there it was, a nice rotted out POS fuel line. Needless to say, my car now has all new fuel lines and vacuum lines. The engine bay is soon to be repainted as well for the most part. It isn't too bad, just a bit of surface rust and wear from 37 years of grime and grease. I will take some pics tonight when I go for a little cruise.

05-01-08, 03:43 PM

I'll be checking back later. :D