: A New Beginning....

04-30-08, 08:07 PM
Ok.. So after my little mishap with my truck everything is back to stock.. I took the tv's, flip out, intake, etc all out of the truck so now I am back to a bone stock Escalade EXT.. Now i started thinking about it and I am done with all the little crap with the truck and i want some serious modding.. so as of right now my first priority is performance.. wondering what your guys recommned.. I want to do a full catback exhaust, maybe some headers, programmer, etc.. I am also in the process of checking out a caddy dealer that installs superchargers but for now im looking at the basics.. so if you guys could tell me some good brands to go with and what to watch for that would be great..

Also for the headers the only brand i seem to see which is listed on ebay is OBX which is priced at 285.. the auction also says w/o EGR.. anyone be able to inform on EGR?

05-01-08, 08:18 AM

I thought SuperMaxx made them for 02-06 Escalade's too

The Scientist
05-01-08, 12:24 PM
$250 for a set of headers is really cheap. If you plan to keep them for a while I would suggest ceramic coated at the least and stainless steel if you can afford it. Check out Kooks or FTP headers. By far the highest quality ss headers but you pay for it.
EGR = exhaust gas recirculation. Takes exhaust and runs it back through the engine to speed up warm up times to reach normal operating temp. Purpose is to make your engine efficient and converters fully operational quicker.

See tubing entering intake just behind tb:
http://img2.putfile.com/thumb/5/12112191589.jpg (http://www.putfile.com/pic/8078329)

Now after header install without EGR fitting:
http://img2.putfile.com/thumb/3/8018384163.jpg (http://www.putfile.com/pic/7860325)