: I Saw Gwar!!!

DopeStar 156
05-29-04, 03:28 AM
I just came home from seeing GWAR and I'm all green from being covered in fake bodily fluids. I was hit with a ton of blood and bile from their killing of monters on stage. It had to be the best show I've been to all year. GWAR ROCKS!!!!

05-29-04, 04:43 AM
Huh? Ok, I gather it's a band of some sort. I'm going to venture a guess and say some goth weirdo band?

Dead Sled
05-29-04, 04:31 PM
GWAR rocks never see em in concert, but their shows are wild

05-29-04, 05:03 PM
I just finished interning at the aclu of ga and my boss had taken a gwar defense case a while back and won, pretty crazy stuff they are apparently nice guys

Dead Sled
05-29-04, 05:07 PM
I just finished interning at the aclu of ga

ACLU, I ain't even goina touch that :helpless:

DopeStar 156
05-30-04, 12:48 AM
Allow me to clarify. GWAR is a band made up of a bunch of guys who dress up in monsterous costumes and perform fake battles on stage along with singing their songs. They do fake decapitations, face rips, and disembowelments with gallons of fake blood, bile, alien blood, and any other bodily fluid you can imagine. The greatest part of the show is geting blasted with the fake fluids which is why I was all kinds of colors, mostly green. They even disemboweled Osama and smacked his head open with an atom bomb. They did our country justice.