: 93 Allante w/Northstar Tranny Issues

04-28-08, 11:34 AM
While driving fine to work at 65 MPH the engine suddenly seemed to stall or lose power(first day at new job). After getting off hwy it seemed to have issues getting into gear; siginificant throttle was required and it felt as though the transmission was slipping. After the engine cooled down a bit I went to drive home- it behaved as though it would not get out of second gear on the highway- although it felt like it was NOT slipping. While driving in my neighborhood it seemed fine pulling threw 1st and 2nd gear but would not shift into third. I am hoping this an issue I can get at the through the tranny pan - removing the trans. is beyond me and according to the codes it is a shift solenoid issue or a dreaded pressure solenoid issue. Any ideas? Its got 165k on it and has been a single owner well maintained car.

04-29-08, 02:43 AM
Need codes...will help :D

04-29-08, 08:24 AM
I guess I was too PANICIN - P024-P056-PO76-P086-P094 - I am doing the shift solenoid kit right now - would do anything for a lift cause my driveway aint cutting it.

04-30-08, 02:57 PM
Shift solenoids solved problem- although is slipping a little - should have changed tranny fluid a while ago I think 8 new quarts shocked it.