: Best years for N* between 93 and 99

04-28-08, 01:12 AM
Pretty simple really, I am looking for a Seville STS with the understanding that it will probably pop a head gasket. I will fix it if it happens but would rather not have to. That being said I have found some incredible deals on ones with bad headgaskets ($500 in almost mint condition, less a good headgasket). My question is what years would be considered the best years and what years would be the worst. My friend is a mechanic and told me to get 95 or newer but never said why. Was there a problem with the 93 and 94 motors? If I got a 94 with a blown headgasket and fixed it properly would I have to worry its going to happen again in the next 50,000 miles (seems to be about how long I keep cars)?

Then a little off topic is there anything else I should worry about while shopping for one of these cars? I realize most people on here are fanatics but be honest, is the car going to be reliable or a pain in my rear?

Tommy Deville
04-28-08, 01:32 AM
Honestly, these cars are annoying PAIN IN THE ASSES!

Gotta love em though, they are addicting like crack cocaine!

04-28-08, 01:33 AM
Honestly, these cars are annoying PAIN IN THE ASSES!

Gotta love em though, they are addicting like crack cocaine!


04-28-08, 09:29 AM
Are you just trying to depreciate the cars as much as possible when you say that or can you elaborate a little and explain why? You certainly don't make me want to buy one and I am very mechanically able to fix any problem.

04-28-08, 09:51 AM
1998 or 1999 only. The 1999 is the better of the two

04-28-08, 11:21 AM
farkum.........Find a 99, or better yet, '00 - '02 if you're not too cash strapped. (But you will pay more than $500..) None of us are knocking the Seville STS/SLS series, but they ARE technologically advanced; some parts are quite expensive; they have their electronic quirks; a few don't like the tighter "sport" ride; there are few, if any, worthwhile aftermarket performance modifications; don't kid yourself: the Seville is a tight 4-person car; decent but not great gas economy; you'll love it.

Best years? 'late '00 - end of run in late year 2003. Worst (headgaskets, primarily) '97 - 99 (......but that's all relative. There are slews of Sevilles running around that have never had gasket problems. And you might find one that did and was dealer overhauled under warranty. A VIN check, by a dealer, will give you all the recall, warranty, and GM service on the car in question.)

04-28-08, 04:14 PM
93-96 Is good as is 2000-2004

Tommy Deville
04-28-08, 04:49 PM
Why the diffrence in opnion between u & sub?
Who is right, who is wrong?
maybe you're both right, or maybe you're both wrong.

04-28-08, 06:27 PM
I think that Dwight and I said nearly the same thing.......read the years mentioned. (Seville production ceased in December, 2003, so I suppose I could have squoze in a 5-month 2004 model year addition, but a "2004" is indistinguishable from a "2003"........sorry.)..and for his money, a '00 to early '02 will book less than a later model.......

Tommy.......Just between you, me, and the gatepost; What do you think of Villa Marin Cadillac down on the East Side? That's where my car originally was delivered..........

04-29-08, 03:13 PM
Yeah i agree with Sub if you have the money get a 00-02. If I was getting one I would prefer late 02 to 03 for the magna ride and dvd gps system.
I am currently driving a 2000 STS and the only problems I have are cosmetic lol. It did stall once so I am thinking the Crank position sensors are starting to go but that was like four months ago when it was still very cold. What's even better is if you can find a car with a service record saying the head gaskets have already been done by a dealer.