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04-28-08, 12:28 AM
Mr Wagoneer ,

You have managed the GM corporation brilliantly over the years of your tenure as CEO. You have managed to let the engineers be the ones at the top of the food chain at GM and not the accountants. This one move alone has allowed all divisions at GM to have cars that people truly want and desire, Cadillacs, Buick Enclave, Chevy Malibu etxc.

With all the good things starting to really fall into place at GM and clearly the vision of Cadillac as the Standard of the World again why on earthe would you want to buy engines from BMW ? Yes, BMW makes a great engine ad a great car but the engine is the " heart " of the car, so why would General MOTORS need to outsource the MOTOR from another company ?? It makes no sense. That is, unless your giving up and just looking to save money by not investing in devloping a new engine. The only reason for that would be you know something that we do not. Like the end of the internal combustion motor as we know it due to the current oil situation.

GM is the last remaining beacon of light of the great American manufacturing machine that has shaped the civilized world let alone this great Nation. So many jobs are gone in the USA but yet GM with your leadership has proven that we Americans can still beat the world when it comes to inovation, design , performance and quality. If you go through with this deal your message to your customers and the world will be that GM is not good enough to build a modern engine and your taking the easy way out.
Well, I know I am only one customer but you will certainly lose me as one. I have been so impressed with my GM ownership experience that I am prepared to purchase GM products for the rest of my life. My '05 STS and '08 Buick Enclave are fantastic ! However, if you start using a BMW engine, well I as well as so many thousands of other GM enthuasiast may as well just go buy a BMW..

Please, don't do it ! Keep GM - GM and show the workd how you ( we ) can make an engine more modern , powerful and reliable then anything else in the world.

05-01-08, 09:25 PM
Here here. Well said my friend. :cheers: