: getting ready to start this hd job

1st time cadddy
04-25-08, 11:47 PM
probably won't get to it this weekend, but want to start it now that the weather is with me.
going to drop the engine out the bottom and attempt to do this myself.
(how hard can it be????)
two things----
spoke to a half a**ed, so called mechanic tonight about the job, he indicated that once the timeserts are done, there is a very good (90%) chance that the block will crack after going thru all this, once the engine runs a while.
I have'nt seen anything like this on any posts before.
is he full of something, or is there something i have'nt read yet???

i have'nt seen any major water on any plugs, and there is nothing in the oil,
the coolant just pushes out the over flow currently.
so at this point is it safe to assume that it is just the gasket blowing into the coolant, without pulling it all apart?

is there anyone out there that has the service manual for 97 deville that thay are interested in unloading.

04-26-08, 09:34 AM
A coolant exhaust gas test will confirm if it is the headgaskets or not. I have not seen a post yet from anyone who has had a cracked block after doing Timeserts. In fact I've only seen a few discussions of cracked blocks at all. Service manual: try eBay or www.helminc.com. Read up before you start:


Good stuff there.

04-26-08, 10:55 AM
dont know if your car used the Dex cool but overtime the shit clogs up very bad, especially in aluminum engines. If i were you id go with a really thorough coolant flush and go from there no need in dropping the engine for this problem.......yet, However if you need any tips, let me know, i just dropped the trans out of a deville a couple of weeks ago, not hard as it looks.

04-26-08, 10:56 AM
One more


04-26-08, 11:27 AM
Yes, let's not forget zonie's thread - I think it was the grandfather of head gasket threads and gave me the info and direction and courage I needed to do the job!