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04-25-08, 12:15 AM
Hello all. I just wanted to share my experience with lockpick. I recently purchased a 2007 cadillac escalade and just like most on this fourm, quickly jumped into upgrading, additions, etc. I have been reading the post since i joined the forum and they have been extremely informative. Well, i'm usually not one to gripe about anything but this deserves a post. I have been reading the back and forth about the GM lockpick how some love it and how some can't stand the company itself ( one person in particular and i think we all know who that is). well after reading all of the post and reading up on the product, i still felt the product was worth at least trying based off what it's supposed to do. So i ordered the product through paypal and patiently waited for my product to arrive in the mail. (ordered April 11th) After about a week or so of no feedback, i decided to give "mark" a call. Believe it or not he answered his phone. I explained to him that i purchased a lockpick from his website and was calling to check the status of my order. He told me he would look into it. Fine. I'm a patient man so i waited. A few days later, no response, so i sent him a kind e-mail following up on our conversation. Still no response. I sent him another email to follow up on my purchase and still no response. This is over several days after our initial conversation. So i call him again today and surprise surprise, no answer. As i'm prepared to leave a voice message, wouldn't you know his voice mailbox is full. I called his number all day today and no answer. Now mind you he has been paid since the 11th of April. I decided to file a dispute with paypal in reference to my situation and left a very detailed message basicly saying either send my order or issue me a refund. Guess what! Paypal sends me an email stating He will issue me a refund!!! Instead of contacting me and explaining the situation, he decides to go the "girl" route and issue a refund which is all good. All of this to say "Mark", you are NOT a good businessman, i now understand the post conserning your company and i seriously advise anyone interested in purchasing from him NOT TO!!! Customer service is what keeps companies in business next to their products. You Suck and you deserve worse but i'm going to leave it at that. There are several products on the market that do the same thing as what your advertising and i dont have a problem giving my money to the company the wants my business. You obivously do not want/need my business and as of today i'm glad. Have my refund available:dammit:

04-25-08, 12:59 AM
I'm feeling you bro. I had the same experience with mark sent him the cash and he never came through. He did respond once in a while saying this or that and how it was sent to the wrong place etc. but nothing ever showed up. I think mark really does have good intentions but he's in a bit over his head. He would never rip anyone off but he needs to work on customer service. I eventually gave up and filed a paypal dispute and mark refunded my money the same day.

04-25-08, 01:14 AM
after even further investigation, i now believe he is just a dealer. and that being said, you are right, he might be in over his head. Relying on someone else to fill his orders so he can fill his. I understand how business works and was willing to wait, no problem but COMMUNICATE with me. Tell me whats going on and im cool, dont blow me off cause you may not have an answer. Thats what business is about.

04-25-08, 07:45 AM
I understand you are upset, not making excuses but Mark has had some medical problems. Mark has treated me good, sorry your purchase was a problem, don't know where you are located, but if your ordered the unit on 4-11, it has not even been two weeks, it takes me a week to ship things from PA to Cali via UPS. I am locking this thread because this Forum does not allow attacks against members or supporting vendors.