: Oem Chrome 12 split spoke wheels

04-24-08, 10:38 AM
I just picked up my 2008 escalade yesterday, and am considering putting on different wheels (non-chrome) although I was surprised how much I like these oem wheels. Would anyone be interested in these and if I were to put them on ebay what is a fair price with tires?

04-24-08, 11:50 AM
Search on E-Bay, I have seen them as low as $1000.00 for the set of 4 complete, and I have seen them for $3000.00 too. :)

04-25-08, 11:03 AM
I might be interested. Send me a PM or email me some larger photos: swridin@yahoo.com



04-25-08, 06:23 PM
They are similar to the KMC Dime wheels, which I saw a set of on C/L w/ new tires for $1800.

04-27-08, 06:33 PM
I bought an '08 Sport Edition and had the dealer swap to the regular stock wheels.

Not sure what the stock wheels would bring, but I wouldn't give them away.

Does the stock wheel require a "key"?

04-29-08, 12:21 AM
Couple pics of the wheels on my truck

04-29-08, 12:27 AM
Couple pics of the wheels on my truck

11-23-08, 06:33 PM
do you still have them? I would be very interested in buying them! my email is lester456@roadrunner.com