View Full Version : remote start diy <help please>

04-23-08, 06:41 PM
hello, i have a remote start and was wondering if i could get a little help with the install.

my problem is with the starter wires,
Is there a way to test to see if i have tapped into the correct wire,
or rather let me rephrase--> is there a certain resistance that i should look for?

i have the GM Passkey3 all wired up.
and everything else, but the wires below
now when im looking at the ignition,
there are what appears to be more than one pink wire
and more than one yellow wire

i used the wire guide from

STARTER|purple or yellow |+ |ignition harness |
| IGNITION|pink |+ |ignition harness |
| SECOND IGNITION|white |+ |ignition harness |