: Celebrating one year....

Night Wolf
04-23-08, 03:08 AM
So it was really the 4th, but rain and being busy hasn't given me a chance to get new pictures....

But... one year of being a Lincoln owner :) Bought it with 93,8xx in Oldsmar, Florida, where it was a Tampa Bay car its entire life. She now has 110,5xx miles on her.

The year was up and down... I did quite a bit of work on the car, but not because it's a bad car, but because the previous owners didn't fix any of the problems and just let them stock pile. But atleast everything I replaced or fixed are common wear items on these cars as well as normal car maintenace things, so I don't mind the work as it's just things that would normally be done, just happened to be all at once... but atleast I know it was done right, and with quality parts, and get to enjoy the entire life of the new parts too :) I must say tough, now with most all the issues addressed, it's an awesome driving and riding car. I like to think of it as the first 2 owners took the hit on depreciation, which allowed me to get a top of the line luxury car 11yrs later, in very, very good cosmetic condition for $3,500.... only needing some mechanical work that was within my skill level, but now that it's done, it's good to go. With a rust free frame, body with no dings, paint with minimal blemish, nice interior, very reliable engine and now mechanically maintained properly, its a challenge to see how many miles I can get on it.

It's been the daily driver since the start of the year when the Isuzu engine decided it had enough for a while... so every day it's been going to work and all the good stuff, and ontop of working on the house, it's been tough to give it the attention I normally would, but all is well.

I'm really happy with the car, transmission is finally shifting pretty darn nice... replaced the Output Speed Shaft sensor, only $25, not too hard to get to, but that, along with the new 1-2 shift accumulator and a fresh complete fluid/filter change, and the trans is shifting real nice... still not a GM, but not bad.

Only issue now is the brakes, front rotors are warped, and one of the front wheel speed sensors, the wire harness is known to go back causing it to give a false signal to the ABS computer, thinks the wheel stopped, so it'll cycle the ABS pump even if the brakes aren't applied.... not often, but it does. I haven't really looked into it, brakes stop the car well. But, while the truck is down, I'm really hesistant to really dig into heavy work with the car, don't want to disable my only means of transportation, oil changes and stuff, yeah, but things that will prevent the car from being driven... only if it must be done, and for now, it's fine.

I washed the car yesterday... first time washing the car at my house... it was a good feeling... cleaned up nice, looks good... looking in the wheel wells and underbody of this car make me really apperciate a Southern car as well as living in the South.... no rust on it at all, new cars in NY are get rust on them after only 3yrs.

Once the Isuzu is going again, that'll be the main driver, leaving the Town Car for highway trips or when I feel like driving it, probably stay under a cover most the time.... then I'll be able to fix all the little cosmetic things and stuff, right now its the daily driver, so alot of things that probably would bother me, don't... I must say, it's an awesome daily driver, huge trunk for Home Depot/Lowes runs, comfortable and fun to drive, but also returning pretty good gas mileage... 20 gallon tank gets me over 400 miles, to work and back it'll get 18-20mpg depending on how I drive it, highway trips return 24-27mpg, which is dependent on speed and A/C, all of this is on 87 octane. She runs real good though, it'll spin the tires or go sideways in a turn without much trouble... really not too bad at all.

Anyway, here are a couple pictures I took today, was just taking random pictures so they aren't perfect car-pictures, but ah well... it's been a good year.... hoping for many more..... see how high that odo can go! :)



04-23-08, 09:26 AM
Buy some sod or at least some grass seed.

04-23-08, 10:59 AM
You should de-fog or replace those Florida headlight lenses, it would do wonders for the looks of the car even though they aren't terrible yet.

04-23-08, 12:25 PM
I love the look of these things. They only made that particular body style for 2-3 years, I think. Its got smaller headlights and a newer interior than the early 90's ones.

04-23-08, 12:28 PM
Hey Night Wolf, why exactly do you own a tractor? lol but the car is looking good man

04-23-08, 12:32 PM
Damn man, I can't believe it's been a year! I thought you bought it in the fall of '06....wow, where does time go? I remember how excited I was that you were back in a traditional american luxury car. Glad to hear you still like it.

04-23-08, 02:49 PM
Someone is having a cookout across the street from Rick! Anywho, how are you liking the house bro?

Night Wolf
04-23-08, 05:19 PM

Buy some sod or at least some grass seed.

Hey Night Wolf, why exactly do you own a tractor?

The old Cub? It was at first a completely "emotional" purchase, I used the same model tractor as a kid and always liked it, so when one poped up locally, I wanted it. But then I realized since I've got a real garden tractor, I can use it around the house.

I've got 2/3 acre of land, most all of it is covered with trees. I bought a chain saw, and I am going to start cleaning the trees off my proptery then burning the stumps, then I am going to use the plow behind the tractor to dig up the soil, and use the disc harrow to smooth it all out and get ready for seeding... right now the dirt is very hard packed.

I am the 3rd owner of the house, depending on which paperwork you go by, it was built in 1990 or 1992, the neighbors told me that both previous owners really didn't do much to maintain the property... the entire property, including the roof was covered in leaves, I got them blown to the sides, so under them is dirt, no grass.

I just spent this past weekend, and all last work week pressure washing the entire driveway, sidewalks, and steps... what a difference that made! (these pictures show the washed driveway)

But, I've got alot to do around here, still haven't finished painting and setting stuff up inside, so the lawn will wait... plus I'd like to get the Isuzu running again. This Summer project was going to be painting the house, but it really dosen't need to be painted as bad as I thought... just washed, I pressure washed some of the siding and it looks much better, so I'll do that, and once the inside of the house is under control for now, I'll start on the yard.

Yeah, the headlights need to be replaced... a new pair is $100 on ebay... I want to replace them, but... $100 is better spent elsewhere right now, thats one of the things that I will adress when the car is no longer the daily driver... cosmetically besides the headlights, the paint on the left rear door plastic bump strip is peeling, and then on the hood, which is aluminum, near the cowl is a steel trim piece, they rub, wears the paint away and causes corrosion under the paint, so there is a small area on the passenger side of the windshield edge of the hood I'll have to get fixed... other then that, the driver seat shows wear but it's good to go.

This style was '95-'97. and I agree, I prefer them too... I never noticed them until I saw one that was for sale... it has the updated nose with jewel-style headlights, and the modern interior.... as far as I was concerned, they addressed every issue that bothered me about the '90-'94 TC, to make for one very slick package.

Yup, it's been a year now... seems longer heh? I put.... 17k miles on it? Wow, and thats not counting the ~4k I put on the Isuzu durring that time too. I first bought it because I would go to Tampa every other weekend, easily putting 1,000 miles on the car in 3 days.... that trip got old after about 2 times in a '94 Isuzu Amigo (worst part was no cruise control!) hence the reason for the TC.... now that I no longer do that trip anymore, the accumulated miles has gone way down, but still steadily rising as it's my only car right now.... once the Isuzu is running again, it won't be the daily driver anymore.

lol, it looks like someone is having a cookout.... actually that would be the smoke from me seafoaming the Cub :) that was before I shut it down and let it sit for about 15mins, after I started it up, there was lots more smoke too :) Anyway, house is awesome..... tho the projects are never ending, but I really enjoy it! I've been here since January, and already getting alot of stuff done... heh, neighbors said they've seen me do more to maintain and fix the place up already then both owners have done in the past. It's all cosmetic attention, which is good... I've got big plans to landscape the yard nice, but that will take alot of time.