: pitted brake rotors

04-22-08, 05:53 PM
We have an 04' Escalade. The rear rotors (both) are randomly pitted on both surfaces, inside and outside. I wash the car almost every Sunday and I just now noticed it so it must have started recently. I'm thinking we have two rotors that are bad/porous castings. My main concern is safety. If the rotors are faulty I'm concerned about catastrophic failure. The car is still under warranty (40k + miles) and the dealer refuses to do anything.

Has anyone experienced this - pitting or porous castings?

04-22-08, 11:03 PM
First i've ever heard of this. Time to find a new dealer perhaps.

04-23-08, 07:07 AM
Do you have any pixs of the damage?

04-23-08, 03:34 PM
hcvone I'll try to get some pics this weekend. I'm not sure how to get them on this forum but I'll give it a try! Ah shucks I think I just discovered how. I see the additional options below with "attach files" box.

04-26-08, 11:42 PM
i also have an '04 escalade with 35k. my warranty ran out in the first week of april. this week i noticed a scraping sound coming from the rear brakes. upon inspection i see that both rotors are severely rusted and pitted on the outside and inside edges and the left parking brake mounting clip had broke. i had to hammer off the rotor because the parking brake had dug a groove on the inside of the rotor hat. everything in that area is rusted including the dust shield. i wash my car every 2 weeks including the underside expecially in the winter. Now it's sunday and i'm searching for rotors...

04-27-08, 03:03 PM
Well here are some pictures of the left/rear rotor. Both rear rotors look pretty much the same on both surfaces (inboard and outboard surfaces of each rotor). As you can see from the pictures this is definitely not a wear problem. You can see the porous casting pits and the subsequent comet tails originating in the voids and trailing in the opposite direction that the rotor is turning. Both front rotors look fine.

I'll be getting back to this post Monday or Tuesday after the car is seen by two independent professionals with a very long history of maintenance, servicing and machine shop operations involving the automotive market. One is an auto service business that does brake jobs and the other is a machine shop that does standard and high end machine work to include machine work for one of the American auto manufacture’s racing programs.

Click on the images to enlarge them to full screen.

04-27-08, 03:47 PM

Did you try the dealer first? Any dealer that has any integrity would at least take a look at your problem. If it's determined that the problem would be a normal warranty covered problem they would take care of it. So what if you are one or two weeks outside the warranty period. From what you explained it sounds like it started during the warranty period. But then obviously I’m expecting your dealer to have a sense of fair play. I’m a big believer of buying American products but why are so many people buying Hondas. It couldn’t be because they treat of their customer like they would expect to be treated? Hum……….now there just might be something to that!

Let me know how it turns out.

Wish you luck,

04-28-08, 08:26 AM
I would try the dealer, showe them the problem, if it's a surface problem they maybe able to be cut and that would be the end of the problem, if it's defective you may get a new set.

04-28-08, 01:53 PM
Thanks for the reponse Gunns. Since it was the weekend when I actually discovered the issue I have not had a chance to talk to the dealer. I am calling the service dept today to see if anythuing can be done. i have already replaced all the components of the rear brakes except for the dust shields. I did not have time to remove the axle to do that task. I am trying now to download a pic of 1 od the rotors. It's far worse than what you have posted. Looks like mine have been sitting in salt water for a year.

04-28-08, 02:18 PM
here are 2 pics of 1 of the rear rotors. you can see that the edges are missing some matrial..



04-28-08, 02:27 PM
Are you the original owner? They are some of the worse rotors I have ever seen

04-28-08, 03:07 PM
I am the original owner. purchased the truck in March '04. i just spoke to the dealer. He says they will not do anything because my warranty was up 4 weeks ago and . The service mgr says rotors are part of normal wear and tear and should be replaced every time you replace the pads. I've never heard of that and have never done that in the 25+ years that I've driven SUVS. I inpsected the front rotors and they look normal all around.This is my 3rd escalade, and quite possibly my last. Each one had a problem that the dealer and GM wouldn't address or couldn't fix.

04-29-08, 07:07 AM
Do you live in an area where you have more than one choice for a Caddy dealership? You may want to try another dealership. It is pretty common for the dealer to replace the pads and rotors together, I know BMW and Mercedes will not replace the pads without replacing the rotors. I always replace the rotors when I do the pads, but usually because I am upgrading to a drilled or slotted rotors.

04-29-08, 11:23 AM
this is a common problem on these vehicles beleive it or not, different dealers have different views on how to address this issue, your selling dealer would be more apt to assist you in some way, in most cases i do offer assistance to my customers, although it would not be covered in full because rotors and pads are distinguished as wearable items there still should be something done. gm rotors do NOT have to be replaced every time pads are replaced, the rotors have a minimum thickness stamped into them and can be resurfaced to that point

The Scientist
04-29-08, 05:49 PM
Not that I disagree that these rotors should be replaced under warranty (because they appear defective) but it is clearly stated that rotors and pads are wearable items. New rotors are $50 a pair oem and $100 for drilled and/or slotted. Look at this as an opportunity to upgrade. http://store.r1concepts.com/Items/Item.aspx?SKU=eoer0310%20-%20121.66045&caSKU=eoer0310%20-%20121.66045&caTitle=CADI%20ESCALADE%2003-06%202WD%20Rear%20OE%20OEM%20Brake%20Rotors

05-02-08, 07:47 PM
It's not a wear issue. It's apparently a manufacturing defect. I'm looking at it as an opportunity for a dealership to do what's right. Something that seems to becomming rare these days! It's enough to make me wonder why I'm so committed to buy American products when foreign auto makers (like Honda) stand behind their products like they're expected to!

05-03-08, 06:25 AM
I own many high end foreign cars, not really much difference in warranty replacement other than the fact that many cover brakes and rotors for at least 50k, of course you are paying for the in the price of the car.

The Scientist
05-03-08, 10:52 AM
You said it "the dealership", why automatically blame all American automakers. I am certain that if I brought my truck to my dealership with that problem it would be taken car of that day. But I also know what dealership would give me the same run-around you are getting.