View Full Version : 91 ElDorado Biarritz audio help please!

04-22-08, 04:20 PM
New to the forum -- looking to replace the Bose speakers in my 91 El Dorado Biarritz. I've already replaced the head unit. I've spent some time on researching, and I'm having some trouble. Crutchfield.com doesn't seem to have any front-door speakers that match my model, and I've read some places about problems matching ohms (does this matter if I'm taking the Bose speakers out?).

Looking for some pointing in the right direction... I've heard Infinitys are a good option for speakers comparable to Bose, but I'm unsure A. about the ohms and B. about how to get those front-door speakers out. Also, if the rear speakers appear to be in good condition, is it worthwhile just replacing the front speakers, or will that result in an odd balance?

Thanks for any help you can give me, sorry if this is confounding!

04-22-08, 09:27 PM
You might try posting this in the audio forum or if STS2003 comes by he can set you straight. I don't know when the Bose systems converted from the individually amplified speakers to a conventional amp/speaker setup. My nephew's 84 Corvette has the old individually amplified disasters and my 99 STS does not. The older ones are the toughest to replace because I believe it also requires rewiring from the H/U to carry line level power.