View Full Version : Squeaky Door Handles?

04-22-08, 01:24 PM
i was wondering if anyone had an idea for a fix. 3 of 4 door handles on my truck squeak when they are pulled open, and I have to assume that they are rubbing on the stationary portion of the handle?...any ideas?

04-22-08, 01:32 PM
I sprayed mine with ELMERS SLIDE ALL DRY, it did the trick and that was some time ago.

04-22-08, 09:04 PM
ok thanks, it irks me every time i open the door especially considering the price of the truck and I've seen a lot of escalade's that make the same noise.

04-23-08, 07:13 AM
Do the hinges in the door jam too. :)

05-17-08, 03:09 PM
yeah i got that too! thanks for info for the fix!