: Brougham d Elegance

04-21-08, 11:01 PM
I need some help in identifing a couple of Cadillac emblems.

I recently purchased some brass prototype emblems because the package contained some Buick brass prototype parts that I wanted. In the package I received two Cadillac emblems and would like to know about what year they would be used.

The first is a rectangular emblem, 3 3/4 inch long by 3/4 high with
"5.7 LITER V8" recessed in the emblem. Since these are brass prototypes, they were probably made before the actual part appeared on the Cadillac.

The second is "Brougham d'Elegance" in script. Overall length is 6 3/4 inches and about 1 1/8 high not counting the lower loops for the "g's"

The package also contained two "Master Engineering Standard" parts used for finish inspection/comparison. One is a M-1 Fine Butler horizontal brush finish on die cast and steel parts. The other is M-2 Butler horizontal brush on plastic plated parts.

I would welcome your input on the two Cadillac emblems.
Also, If I can figure out if and how I can post pictures, I will do that on the two brass Cadillac emblems.

Faded Crest
04-22-08, 11:14 PM
Since the "Brougham D'Elegance" emblem is cursive script, it would have to be for a '90-'92 model. They only offered the 5.7 and the cursive script on those years.