: Wheel size vs. Ride Quality

04-21-08, 08:52 AM
I just completed a 4 week test of (4) different wheel sizes on our two Escalade's, wanted to see what would be the best for OUR driving needs and where we drive. The test was with 18", 22", 24" and 26" wheels and tires, the tires were Bridgestone Revo's on the 18's, Bridgestone H/L's on the 22's, Pirelli Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico on the 24's and 26's. Each size was run on both trucks. The test started with 18's on both trucks, I use the Revo's as my winter setup, soft ride, you can go up and down curbs and driveways with no issues. Next was 22's, the ride was slightly more harsh on the back roads, but pretty good in general, and while you can drive off curbs I would not be driving up them, no real worries about pulling into driveways. Next was the 24's, good handling, but poor ride on the back roads, you really need to watch your driving and be very careful for bumps and any potholes or above average driveway skirts. Next was 26's, if you are not driving on good flat roads you do not even want to think about this choice, the ride on my roads was horrible, and that is an understatement, on both 24's and 26's my Escalade's ride was much worse than in my Z06 with stock 30 series tires (325/30/19) , much worse. The roads I drove on were all paved roads. For looks nothing looked better than the 24's and 26's on my Escalade's, but I spend much more time driving my trucks vs. looking at the wheel size, so I sold both sets of 26's and one set of 24's this weekend, still have one set of Vespucci/NC Forged wheels for sale, price lowered from $7500 to $6000.00, they have 195 miles on them. I wish I lived and drove on nice roads so I could use larger wheels, I think they look great, but with the roads the way they are in my areas and where are homes are located it's just not an option for me. :(

04-21-08, 11:12 AM

You should try running 285/40/24. I have 2 sets of 24s. Both are 24x10. One is running 285/40/24 the other is running 295/35/24.

So one is 33 inches tall and the other is 31 inches tall.

Difference is night and day. The 285's are much cushier. The roads my way are horrible. I kid you not.

04-21-08, 12:23 PM
Thanks, that was not an option, as that size was not available to us at the time. I am having two sets of 22's made now, that way I can use the 45 series and the ride will be like the stock 22's, and I can live with that, just have to watch the off roading until winter

04-21-08, 03:30 PM
I agree with the 45 series. Before 24's came out I ran 305/40/22's, then upgraded to 305/45/22's. I liked the 45 series ride.