: Climate Controls - Fresh vs. Recirculating

04-20-08, 09:15 PM
I just need some Escalade owners to verify that this is what our cimate controls default as. Every time I start the car the button that switches from open vents to closed vents automatically opens, bringing in fresh air. Is there a way to keep it closed (recirculating)? It's annoying and I don't understand why it always defaults that way. It also defaults to blowing air to the floor, and according to the manual, the vents can't be closed unless the air is blowing on the upper vents. Again, another annoyance and I know it has to do with fogging the windows. Is there anyway to fix this auto default? Or is it just my car?

04-21-08, 07:30 AM
I don't have your year Escalade but isn't it tied in with the memory...change the setting to what you want to be the default when you have everything set how you like...set your memory button again...

04-21-08, 09:26 PM
No -- it has nothing to do with the memory..

The truck will default to fresh air every time the ignition is cycled - there is no factory way to change it.

If you don't want your a/c air flow to divert the floor every time, don't turn your a/c conrtrols off before you shut the car off -- or you may need to reprogram your memory settings if you have stored it with a floor setting. Every time you turn the a/c control head off and then turn it back on it will default to the floor setting. If you leave the a/c on when you shut the truck off it will revert to that setting or to your memory setting at next startup..

BUT no matter what you do it will go back to fresh air and you'll have to switch it back to recirc..

04-21-08, 10:29 PM
Unless it's scorching hot outside and the auto climate control kicks it into recirc, there's no way to lock it in and have it stay when you start the car.