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05-27-04, 03:39 PM
I have a 95 STS and i am looking to change my muffler. The previous owner had them replace when i bought the car. He putted generic Canadian Tire crappy mufflers. They look ugly and they don't sound good, the baffle are already rallting after 7 month. POS mufflers!!!
I looked at the Flowmasters. They have a decent price and offer a wide range of model (Ebay, mostly 40 serie) But I know these are NOT stainless steel mufflers. How long will the Flows last? I live in Québec, Canada so we have 6 month of winter/salt/crap. I don't want to replace mufflers every year like my old Pontiac Sunbird!!!

Can somebody suggest me a better muffler then the Flowmasters? I don't want Dynomaxs, every place i look wants 160$+ per muffler + install and i don't like the sound. Magnaflow are very nice and are made of stainless steel but their 200+ each a bit pricey for me. I don't want to change the whole exhaust system, just the mufflers.

05-27-04, 06:08 PM
Been running Ravin mufflers from Midas for about 2 years now. They've survived FL heat, wet, and salt. Think they were $110 a muffler plus install, but 2 years ago. May be cheaper now. Z55's I think is what I chose. Mid range on performance and sound. Z33's are more flow, but louder. Z77 I think was quietest, but relatively restricted.