: What can I do to push my '93 Eldo to the max?

Fantom Infinity
06-01-03, 12:42 AM
I want to mod my '93 Eldo. I can't think of anything I can do to the Northstar, and that's where you guys come in. But my other plans are:

Platinum Snyper 20" Wheels (Or will 20" not fit, do I have to go 18"?)
Body Kit from www.sleepyvalley.com
BMW Headlight swap
Flowmaster Exhaust (Someone told me to get glasspacks, should I)
Billet Grille from E&G (Does E&G CLASSICS® Billet Grille for the 1992-97 SEVILLE/SLS/STS fit my Eldo?)

Now what can I do to get some more performance out of this beast?

Thanks guys.

06-01-03, 10:30 AM

06-01-03, 11:42 AM
Glasspacks???? What do you want that thing to sound like a '74 Chevy Silverado with a gun rack? Bad idea unless they have made some much more quiet sounding ones. In my opinion the 20's might be overkill just because something fits doesnt mean it will look good. I know us guys always want the biggest but dont do it at the expense of it looking funny. 18's may look more like they fit the car than 20's in my opinion.

06-05-03, 12:32 AM
spend the money on a real exhast...

06-05-03, 12:08 PM
20in too big.....


Skip the body kit-- waste of money IMO, and it doesnt really add anything to the car 'cept a hint of rice :)

I have heard good things about borla exaust, talk to ALLANTENORTH* about that......

Also, a good performing car isnt good if its not a good handler and cant stop.... So some bigger brakes and maybe some different suspension components... IE struts, sway bars, etc...

06-05-03, 01:25 PM
For what its worth..here's a freebie. FWD cars like more tire pressure in front. Runnin 33 Front and 27 rear in 95 sls. Lot better handling than when i bought it. Was 28-28 all around at that time. Nose heavy cars for sure!

Allante North *
06-05-03, 03:12 PM
You might want to try the Borlas. They sound great and flow much better than stock. I contacted the folks at Corsa, but they had nothing to fit my Cadillac, and did not seem interested in working with me. Shame for me and them. I ordered Borlas online at HuskerPerformance for about $80/muffler, and had a local shop install them for about $90. He had to get creative since the stock muffler was mounted perpendicular to the body and the Borlas fit where the stock muffler went. I added a resonator later to tone it down some. The sound is awesome, and I saved about $1,000 and time not fooling with the Corsas or other Cat Back systems. The sound is much better and I did notice performance gains from stock.

Good Luck with whatever you choose.

06-25-03, 07:21 PM
75-100hp from a cam and heads.

NOS can be added for more power.

Computer options to let you get the hp to the ground with a higher speed limit.

4t80-e Transaxle with limited slip.

A GN turbo would be a great add on for big hp.

Really there are alot of options just depends on your budget for the car.


07-07-03, 12:16 AM
I got the 20" platinum snypers on my 96' ETC it looks phat as hell check it out.

My LAC (http://www.cardomain.com/member_pages/view_page.pl?page_id=314129&cat=20&val=1)

Infamous Lac
07-08-03, 02:23 PM
Have to go with 20's anything less would be a waste of money IMO.

07-08-03, 11:03 PM
You can buy a chip for seville/eldo on ebay for $7.95. It is cheap and will get 10 hp. If you have enough $, i suggest alba blaze wheels (20's would be sick if they fit) www.albawheels.com

From what you said yous car sounds nice. (the perfect mix of ricer & american muscle) Please post pics ASAP. thanks.


07-08-03, 11:16 PM

These guys are your friend. They can take your stock NorthStar from stock to 1000hp+ depending on what you want. Nitrous, supercharger, turbo(s) or just cams and head work and they can do it. If I were ever to get that Catera, these are the guys I'd have work their magic. And, I am so pissed off that I found a NorthStar engine, ECU, tranny, and most of the engine cradle on EBAY that went for like $510USD! DAMMIT! That would have been a nice engine to play with. :burn:

07-11-03, 07:46 AM
Woah that chip on eBay for 8 bucks... Are you sure that isn't just a simple 20 cent resistor?