: Stock wheels chrome peeling inside

04-18-08, 01:13 PM
I am just curious as to how many people have had this problem. I have stock wheels and the chrome is peeling on the inside of the rim. I have taken the wheels off a few times to peel off the pieces that are rubbing against my caliper. Take note that I do live in Milwaukee and salt is used on the roads here in the winter. I am thinking of sand blasting the wheels and getting them black powder coated, any thoughts.


04-18-08, 01:44 PM
The stock wheels are made by the lowest bidder, so the chrome quality is average at best, if you keep your wheels clean and wax them they will hold up longer, I just took two sets of stock chrome wheels off and after their second season they still look pretty good, I am in the car care business so they are cleaned often, I have a large heated garage at our mountain home so even in the sub zero I can wash my trucks. :) I have a few customers that powder coated their wheels black and the look great on black trucks or white trucks. :)

04-18-08, 02:31 PM
I would just get a new set off ebay, you can get them pretty cheap now. I have exact same problem going on with mine so bad that I had to get a new set of rims. Now have a crappy peeling set for winter and a beautiful set for summer.

04-20-08, 06:25 PM
Very, very common with chrome plated wheels--at least on the "inside". That's always the area where all the dirt, grease, etc. is most prevalent and just sits and festers a lot, and combined with things like salt in the winter, it's just not conducive to keeping the chrome where it started. That, and the inside/back of wheels aren't as smooth & prepped like the face & pockets of wheels are before chroming, so it's quicker & easier to peel back there.

I was never familiar with this until I bought some factory chrome plated wheels for a Fleetwood, from different sources and of different grades, yet each still were peeling as badly as one another on the backs--sharp stuff to pull at, too!

So...yeah...not completely unordinary, at least as long as it isn't on the face or front pockets in the wheels.

04-21-08, 08:33 AM
Same exact thing happen to me on my '03 wheels. Had the dealer replace them all under warranty about 1 1/2 year ago. New ones are holding up well here in New England , but they get cleaned and detailed about once a week.