: Better fuel economy

04-18-08, 10:26 AM
So now that the weather is warming up, I have been getting better gas mileage. :cloud9: In the past week, I went from 16 mpg to 18 mpg in the city.
I also notice the tire pressure went from 35psi to 38/39psi frequently.

On a side note, I see a guy selling his DTS in an add above and in one of his pics, the DIC shows a tire PSI of 45! yikes,...isnt that too high?

04-19-08, 04:49 AM
Pressure also depends on the wheels and tires used.

04-19-08, 10:23 PM
I find the mileage I get on the Sevilles actually goes down by a mile or two in the Summer. I figured it was the anti-smog they put in the gas here in Richmond during the warm months. I am still surprised how well the Sevilles do gas mileage wise, especially compared with the mileage quoted for a lot of the new smaller and less powerful cars.

04-20-08, 09:51 PM
Oxygenates used to be blended primarily in winter in order to offset longer warmup times with their high HC and NO output. Gasolines are now, in areas which require it, blended with E10 year-round. You theoretically get less gasoline per unit volume in summer due to temperature/density changes. There's more gas (energy) in a 32 degree gallon than in a 75 degree gallon. BUT, inground tank temps don't change that much........although a tank truck is subject to quite a bit of ambient temperature heating, and a delivery tank truck is not refrigerated.