: Quit shaking my bed! I think that was an earthquake.

04-18-08, 06:05 AM
5am. Ugh, I'm drowsy. I heard a mild rumble and felt my bed shaking. I thought it was:

1. Restless leg shaking the bed on its own
2. Wind from a storm... nope no rain.
3. Tornado? No, no storm outside.
4. Girl-friend came over and jumped in bed with me? No, wasn't her. Damn.
5. Truck? Nah...
6. Weird out of body dream?

I eventually got a text message from a friend a couple miles away who informed me that we had an earthquake. Now they're talking about it on local morning news.

Alright, back to bed. Apparently it was a 5.4 near Evansville, Indiana.

Crown Vic Owner
04-18-08, 06:16 AM
we felt it here in chicago

04-18-08, 06:38 AM
I had one of those about 2 blocks from my house when I lived in CA.
It was almost that big but we were so close to the epicenter it was louder than it was strong.
Darn Hayward fault!
It sounded like a horrible explosion outside.

We had another one that shook the house like someone put it on the back of a truck and was dragging it accross a washboard.

I had to get out of there before the "big one" hits.

04-18-08, 11:06 AM
Comcast says it was at 4:37am. I guess I slept through it :(

04-18-08, 11:16 AM
yeah well my quake was better :harumph:


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04-18-08, 11:25 AM

04-18-08, 11:46 AM
As a native Californian with plenty of earthquakes under his belt, both in SoCal and Japan, (all the biggies for the last 50 years) what really scares the hell out of me are tornados! Have never beem in one, but here in Virginia we have both earthquakes and tornados. My Mid-western heritage, plus the stories my folks used to tell about tornados made a big impression on my young mind that has stayed with me throughout my life.

04-18-08, 11:51 AM
I can't wait to see a tornado in person. Heck, I might just move to Oklahoma or Texas just for the sole purpose of being in the heart of Tornado alley.

Jesda, I've heard on the History Channel that you folks in the Missouri/Indiana/Tennessee area have had a history with earthquakes, most notably in 1814 or 1815. They had some real big ones back then, for a number of months in a row. I've heard that part of the country is due for another big one sometime soon...

Maybe it's coming??.....

04-18-08, 01:38 PM
Yeah i think the biggest one in the hostory of the US was on that fault. Even caused the missippi to flow north for a while. Crazy shit!

Some reports said it was felt in Des Moines also. I did wake up around that time so maybe that is what woke me.

Jesda- now I know why youre not coming to the meet..... GF. Nuff said!! :thepan::histeric:

04-18-08, 03:03 PM
The New Marid, Missouri quake is #7 on the list.


This is an earthquake.

04-18-08, 03:34 PM
Please! That Alaska quake is WIZEAK! :crybaby::stirpot:

Text from article:

On the basis of the large area of damage (600,000 square kilometers), the widespread area of perceptibility (5,000,000 square kilometers), and the complex physiographic changes that occurred, the Mississippi River valley earthquakes of 1811-1812 rank as some of the largest in the United States since its settlement by Europeans. The area of strong shaking associated with these shocks is two to three times larger than that of the 1964 Alaska earthquake and 10 times larger than that of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.

This wasnt one quake either. This was four+ quakes OVER magnitude 7! If something like that happened again at New Madrid it would make Katrina look like a picnic.

04-18-08, 03:51 PM
According to the USGS the New Madrid, Missouri quake of 1912 was #9 on the list at barely an 8; At 9.2 the Good Friday quake was more than 10 times stronger. The Missouri quake was a little shaking over a big area. It was barely as strong as the 8.2 we had near Fairbanks 6 years ago.

04-18-08, 03:53 PM
Nick, 9.2 is far from WIZEAK as you so colorfully put it. The problem with information on things like temperature logs and earthquake strength prior to about the 1850's (when thermometers and seismographs were invented) is that all there is to go by is calculated scientific guesses. They are calculated scientifically but they are still only guesses.

In the sheet metal trade we call them S.W.A.G.'s


04-18-08, 04:44 PM
HAHA! I know, I was just messin with my old buddy Koz!

If something like that happens now with all the major cities in the area, lookout. These cities are not designed with earthquake resistant buildings......

04-18-08, 04:57 PM
HAHA! I know, I was just messin with my old buddy Koz!

If something like that happens now with all the major cities in the area, lookout. These cities are not designed with earthquake resistant buildings......
It expands the mind to realize that the Alaska Good Friday quake was 10,000 times stronger than the little shaker that you just experienced. The earthquake scale is logarithmic and each number represents 10 times more energy released.
My favorite is still the Lituya Bay event that created a wave 1720 feet high. In contast, the wave created in Valdez arm in 1964 was only 200 feet high.

04-18-08, 05:03 PM
I once saw Jesda cannonball into a swimming pool. The tsunami created by that was of epic proportions.

04-18-08, 05:15 PM
I once saw Jesda cannonball into a swimming pool. The tsunami created by that was of epic proportions.


04-18-08, 05:28 PM
I once saw Jesda cannonball into a swimming pool. The tsunami created by that was of epic proportions.
But he didn't leave a ring around the pool like a Polack.

04-18-08, 06:14 PM
I was listening to the radio today, and they were talking to a Chicago reporter who went to the epicenter in Southern Illinois to check things out. He said when he first got there, a man on horseback (his only means of transportation) named Cowboy greeted him, and they chatted. The reporter said that would probably be the most interesting thing to report on out there.

04-18-08, 08:06 PM
I once saw Jesda cannonball into a swimming pool. The tsunami created by that was of epic proportions.


MAP 4.6 2008/04/18 15:14:16 38.483 -87.891 10.0 10 km ( 6 mi) ENE of Bone Gap, IL
MAP 2.6 2008/04/18 11:55:57 38.465 -87.854 10.0 9 km ( 6 mi) NW of Mount Carmel, IL
MAP 2.2 2008/04/18 10:46:24 38.440 -87.880 17.8 7 km ( 4 mi) NNE of Bellmont, IL
MAP 2.4 2008/04/18 10:36:33 38.460 -87.860 17.8 9 km ( 6 mi) NNE of Bellmont, IL
MAP 2.5 2008/04/18 10:15:35 38.648 -88.222 10.0 6 km ( 3 mi) S of Noble, IL
MAP 2.5 2008/04/18 10:03:59 38.453 -87.805 10.0 5 km ( 3 mi) NW of Mount Carmel, IL
MAP 5.2 2008/04/18 09:37:00 38.450 -87.890 11.6 7 km ( 5 mi) NNE of Bellmont, IL

Also, the plates are larger in the midwest than those on the west coast. This is why a 5.2 in Illinois can rock everything from Detroit to Atlanta.

04-18-08, 10:23 PM
My wife and I are visiting her mother so we shall see if any pictures or the China were damaged when we return home tomorrow night. Some friends that live nearby had some light damage so we shall see.

When the New Madrid goes again StL and Memphis are pretty much F'KD. Memphis sits on a bluff above the river and geologists I have seen said that the ground there will liquefy and most likely downtown will be destroyed. StL is closer to the predicted epicenter and doesnt have nearly the structural requirements of California.

04-18-08, 10:29 PM
One of my Dreamcast games fell off the top of the stack on the TV. WHERE IS FEMA! I NEED A TRAILER AND A DEBIT CARD.

And a new copy of Crazy Taxi 2. Wait, nevermind... its in tact. But it -could- have been damaged if it landed just right.

04-18-08, 11:12 PM
Oh The Humanity!!!!!!!!!

04-19-08, 12:14 AM
A good friend of mine had taken his boy down to the dock in Valdez to see an ocean freighter arrive for unloading. They were standing on the dock when the 1964 quake started. The dock collapsed into the ocean and the ocean freighter was swept over where it had been by three successive tsunamis. Nobody on the dock survived to tell about it. The tsunamis in Valdez arm were more than 200 feet high. The bay was completely drained and then refilled by the tsunamis three times.

04-19-08, 12:14 AM
Earthquake theme song:

04-19-08, 11:59 AM
Definitely twisted!