: Automotive family tree

Night Wolf
04-18-08, 05:41 AM

04-18-08, 11:44 AM
Cool post Rick!

04-18-08, 12:14 PM
lol @ Jaguar/Land Rover

04-18-08, 12:23 PM
Ow! My freakin' eyes!

04-18-08, 12:51 PM
SWEET! I was hoping someone would find a high res version of this. Thanks Rick!

04-18-08, 01:54 PM
+1 on the good post. How's life in GA?

04-18-08, 02:16 PM
Could someone please put that into a DOS-text based format? I almost had a minor seizure trying to decipher all that....

Night Wolf
04-19-08, 05:03 AM
lol, I know, looking at it is like...WOW.... gotta take one part at a time :) Still really neat tho.

I'm just passing it on from the Isuzu site... figured alot of people here would like it :)

Life's great.... got a bunch of new toys to keep me busy for a long time :) I've decided to go ahead and rebuild the 2.6 in the Isuzu instead of getting a reman or truck w/ engine.... so thats gonna be fun.... nothing is organized, labeled or in order. Ah well.

04-19-08, 05:11 AM
Let me know when you finish building the bar in your house and I'll head over.

Night Wolf
04-19-08, 05:25 AM
Hehe, that'll be quite some time off from now :) But next time you pass by on 75 no more then 3 minutes from my house you better stop by! Get some, IMO pretty darn good Mexican food in town :)

04-19-08, 05:39 AM
You got it!