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04-17-08, 01:24 AM
Well, its my attempt. I didn't bother getting the nicer camera out because I was hungry and not able to wait any longer.


Vegetable oil
Curry powder of your choice
Whole milk (or sour cream, or coconut milk)
Tuna (in oil), mild flavored fish, or chicken

Lots of butter, half a white onion, a small potato (no need to peel), and chopped garlic go into a medium-high pan.

Stir it around until it smells good and looks like its browning a bit. Add the meat. Cook on medium-high or high.

Keep it moving to avoid burning.

Add a half cup or so of whole milk, coconut milk, or sour cream. Stir it around.

Add a generous helping of curry powder. Add a little salt and pepper. Mix thoroughly.

When the texture looks right to you, remove it from heat and let it sit a few minutes until the potatoes soften.

In the meantime, your rice cooker should have been going, and it should contain jasmine or basmati rice. There is not a day in this house that rice is not being cooked.

Enjoy, thank me later. My whole apartment smells like an indian joint, and I freaking love it.

04-17-08, 01:28 AM
How hot do you make it?


04-17-08, 01:29 AM
How hot do you make it?


I have to admit, I'm not into spicy food. Growing up, mom always prepared a separate portion for me with the spices removed. I know, I'm a sorry excuse for a Thai!

04-17-08, 02:48 AM
My favourite local Thai place actually has a number scale (1-5) for every dish. I always order a 3.

04-17-08, 03:07 AM
I freaking love curry, though that dish does not appeal too much because of the potatoe content (the only things potatoes are good for IMHO is making french fries and Vodka out of...) I buy some noodles that are red curry flavor and my dad has referred to them as "Garbage Barge Noodles" due to the smell...

04-17-08, 10:25 AM
You want curry powder in a wild assortment from sweet to killer ? Go to www.penzeys.com. The Penzey spice company not only prepares and ships a staggering number of fresh spices and herbs, but the website and catalogs are a treasure trove of good cooking.

Curries and other oriental and middle eastern dishes do not have to be spicy hot by any means. Just as Chili and peppers go from sweet to deadly right here in our TexMex cooking.

Red October, I can make you a curry dinner, 4 courses, 10 condiments, delicious, that never comes within 250 yards of a potato.

04-17-08, 12:04 PM
I like Curry flavored ramen. Or Curry powder on my Genghis Grill mongolian style barbecue.

04-17-08, 12:35 PM
I made a freaking KILLER green curry dish a couple of weeks ago...bought all the stuff do it again but haven't had the damn time.

04-17-08, 03:08 PM
+1 on Penzeys.....stellar spices.