: Parking Lamp/Tail Lamp/Inst. Panel switch

04-16-08, 09:00 PM
Out of nowhere my switch stopped working on my 02' 5.3L Escalade. The headlights still come on automatically but the parkings lights, tail lights, and instrument panel stay off. I had to hardwire it in order to get it to work. I work in the middle of the night and I really don't enjoy the local 5-0 stopping me for a nice chat about my lights and why I'm out at 3am in my own car. I ordered a new switch hoping that would solve my problem, but that still didn't work. It is really ugly having wires where the switch should be and fairly frustrating to deal with. I'm trying to avoid having my a** handed to me at the cadillac dealership. Any suggestions? Similar experiences?

-Papi MaC

04-16-08, 09:20 PM
Although I'm new to cadillacs I have an 89 chevy and one of my tailight bulbs went bad and virtually had the same issues thought it was a fuse or switch,no dash lights tailights etc. hope it helps. Bill