: GSL Chev city Calgary done good!

04-16-08, 08:59 PM
Took the V to GSL for clutch not disengaging. I couldn't get it in reverse! and hard to get into first. I had originally taken it to another dealer. They tried to tell me I burned out the clutch when the car had 2300 miles! The GSL service adviser came out to the car and tried to shift it herself. She actually knew what she was doing! She agreed something was not right. We both talked to the service manager and they took it to do the clutch. Of course, they had to order all the parts from USA, took a long time. They replaced the flywheel, clutch and slave cylinder. When they went to put it together, they found that the first dealer bent all the exhaust studs so they had to drill them out and replace them. Then the exhaust pipe gasket was broken. GM parts said it would only come with a new cat converter, so they ordered one, it came without the gasket. Finally, I contacted Luke Butler at Lindsay, he told me they use a Corvette gasket. The parts guy was a little ticked that GM wouldn't know that! Thanks again LUKE!
Picked the car up today, the service adviser had PERSONALLY washed the car.
A mechanic came out and was saying how good the car sounded when they were moving it around w/o exhaust system!
All in all, I'm happy. All the employees seem to be happy there as well. The other place was just nasty.
Also noted, they will be contacting me with a survey and if I do not give them better than 80%, I should phone the service manager.

04-17-08, 03:52 PM
where was the "other " place ? Carter?

04-18-08, 08:10 PM
Sorta on topic... sorta not. Another local Calgary dealer... hmm somebody mentioned it above ^ ehem.... Wouldnt even look at the car when I walked in to ask about a bumper swap (getting rid of the front plate mount holes, whith a whole new bumper, already painted) "we only do estimates on tues and thurs" he said....

Thats fine, I'll be back somewhere between NEVER EVER!

Walked into Southgate, chatted with the body shop manager, he came out looked, admired we talked about the car and the deal I got.... Short story I got a quote in 10mins, not even that bad $400 includeing blending of 3 paint chips.

04-19-08, 09:22 PM
Yes, other place was Carter. Everyone there seems like they are always having a bad day. People at GSL seemed friendier and nice to deal with. Sadly, Carter will be moving across Deerfoot from me. GSL is hard to get to but worth the drive.