: Rough Idle

04-16-08, 04:27 PM
I have a 2007 EXT and notice when sitting in park and drive it appears to have a little shimmy/shake. anyone else notice it?

04-16-08, 08:36 PM
What grade of fuel are you using? pistons knocking maybe? Don't take my word for it though.

04-17-08, 09:01 AM
As said what grade fuel do you use, and how many miles are on your truck?

04-17-08, 11:01 AM
At one point (approx. 3000 miles) my idle in gear felt a little rough to me, so I upped the "in gear idle" RPM by 50 RPM with my Preditor and it fixed it. Then, later, I brought it back to stock RPM (at about 6000 miles) and everything was fine too. So, whatever it was originally was a temporary condition - at least for me - maybe I got some bad gasoline. Bottom line, first things I would do are either raise RPM by 50 for now or wait it out with a new tank of gas.

04-17-08, 02:17 PM
Im running high octane with about 4000 miles

04-17-08, 04:41 PM
You should not have a problem, on your tach what does it read at ldle, is it under 600 rpms?

04-19-08, 11:12 AM
just under 600

04-21-08, 10:04 AM
Mine is just over 600, I believe I raised mine with the Preditor too

04-21-08, 11:08 AM
Mine is at 600-650, idle IN GEAR. Before, when it was a little rough, it was 550-600.

04-21-08, 02:17 PM
I will try it, thanks