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04-16-08, 12:09 AM
That absolutely drops your f*&#@ jaw and you just have to tell other people about...

The Panasonic TH-42PZ77U 1080P Plasma TV is just such an item. I had been after the predecessor to this TV for a WHILE now, the TH-42PZ700U, which was, in fact, the world's FIRST FULL HD 1920x1080 resolution Plasma TV at the 42 inch screen size. Not even a year before Pioneer had the priveledge of calling it's PRO-FHD1 Elite Plasma TV the world's smallest. And mind you, it is MUCH more technically and financially difficult to squeeze more pixels into a SMALLER space, than it is to make a gee-whiz 1400" TV.

Panasonic however, realizing the massive tide of consumers that was being bamboozled into the sham that is LCD (sorry LCD owners), particularly by Sony who abandoned plasma altogether, decided to COMPLETELY blow the market apart and introduce two AFFORDABLE 1080P Plasma televisions... The TH-42PZ700 and 50PZ700 series. The sets received critical acclaim in EVERY major publication from Home Theatre magazine to Consumer Reports. These two models debuted at 1999 and 2999 respectively. Still considered expensive for a plasma, but considering the Pioneer FHD1 was still selling for over 5000.00, a BARGAIN for the resolution and ALREADY legendary Panasonic plasma glass quality.

The PZ77 is an update to the 700 with the primary change being a frosted (LCD style) front glass versus the 700's anti-reflective *coating*, which completely serves to absolutely dissipate and absorb any light that comes it's way. Then as if being 1080P and a plasma alone were not sufficient (and if you're a videophile it's obviously not), Panasonic integrated everything that ALREADY made their earlier plasmas legendary, and upped it to the Nth degree. The contrast ratio, traditionally a SERIOUS weakpoint of Plasma (and especially LCD) televisions, is phenomenal. This is the first flat-panel TV I have ever owned that doesnt look like someone poured milk on it at night. We have nearly closed in on the CRT vs. flat panel contrast gap. Not quite, but damn close. Colors are also well balanced and definition is spectacular. NOTHING looks bad on this TV. It literally looks as if people could walk right off my screen and into my room.

Now for the best part... How much did it cost? I got this TV as an open display and I got it for 1079. Considering Target still sells blase Magnavox 720P sets for 999.00, this is AMAZING. Even if you don't find that kind of deal, the MSRP is now lower, and Circuit City has the successor to the 77U now on sale for 1439.99. Truly a bargain in this class. Resist the temptation to spend less on an entry level 1080P LCD, and go for the plasma.



04-16-08, 12:40 AM
Mitsubishi's new laser tv > *

04-16-08, 01:28 AM
You paid too little for your TV.
(whatever that means)

Very nice indeed!

04-16-08, 10:14 AM
I love your work triangle. ;)

04-18-08, 12:36 AM
I have the 50" model.....it is most excellent.


04-18-08, 12:53 PM
I just pay the local drama club to come act out episodes of Seinfield or whatever other program I want in my living room.

You cannot possibly get a better picture than that.


04-18-08, 06:48 PM
i thought you were gonna talk about the Jawbone

04-18-08, 07:00 PM
No matter what TV set you have, at the end of the day, the broadcast content still stinks. You get to see mindless crap in H-D.

04-18-08, 07:18 PM
haha nice one dkoz,

i used to think that people who said they didnt watch tv were liars, and at the time i think they were
(we were in grade school and everyone watched tv)
now that im older and actually have a job i RARELY watch tv, i feel like an old man because ill go over to my moms house and have to ask my little brothers to use the remote for me. all the stuff on cable sucks, all the stuff on network tv sucks, i end up leaving disappointed.i dont own a tv and dont feel like im missing much by not owning one.

to those who DO watch TV, i can definitely see how this tv would be GREAT so im not knocking.

04-18-08, 08:07 PM
MHD is an awesome channel. Today I watched The Who.