: northstar eldorado swap

04-14-08, 09:50 PM
Hi, can anyone tell me if a new northstar engine out of the crate will fit a 1997 eldorado with little modification? just curious, mine has 125k, and runs mint, been serviced since new every year, ie collant changes, oil every 1800 miles, just maintained to the extreme. I was just curious down the road if I were to have problems, would a new crate northstar fit. thanks for all your help. Scott

04-14-08, 10:38 PM
The GM replacemens are year-specific. If you get a GM crate, you should be good to go. From Rhino or others, the year has to be really close....
ask ewill3 or AJ.

04-15-08, 06:51 AM
You can get a GM reman engine for that car.