: newbie. ext. pics.

sam hamm
04-14-08, 12:45 AM
so im new to the whole cadillac thing. but ive had my fair share of cars. i just turned 18 in january so i got this for graduation after i totalled my bmw. it was purchased last week and has been the most amazing thing that ive owned yet. it has every option besides rear entertainment. its a 6.0 awd. ive already changed every light in the interior to leds, along with the tags and the mirrors. it has 5% all the way around and i have a trenz verticle grill on the way, which will be black. i plan on having the tailights and headlights smoked with leds and the amber taken out, the bed cover painted to match, and hopefully lowered on 26s oneday.





04-14-08, 07:24 AM
Welcome, nice looking truck, best of luck with it. :)

04-14-08, 01:10 PM
Clean truck...
I like that!
Good luck!

04-14-08, 04:59 PM
Aww, memories... Looks just like my black '04 EXT when it was a virgin... :thumbsup:

Now mine is sittin' on 24s, lowered, etc. Great looking trucks! You're going to LOVE it, and so are the ladies.. lol. :D