: Replacement Wiper Blades for 2007 ESV

04-13-08, 08:27 AM
What are the proper replacement wiper blades that will fit on the 2007 ESV? Without first looking closely at them, I went down to Auto Zone to get some new ones. The guy came out and looked at them and said they would not carry them and that I would more than likely have to go to a dealer to get them.

04-13-08, 11:16 AM
autozone wipers are NG, Advance carries "Trico" which are EXACT replacment at less then dealer.

04-13-08, 01:22 PM
Try the TRICO NeoForm, they are the best blades I have ever had, put them on both Escalade's and they are great in the rain and snow.

04-15-08, 09:15 PM
I have had excellent experiences with the new RAIN-X Latitude wiper..

you'll need the 22-2 model to fit an 07+

They are a direct fit, about 1/2 price of the OEM GMs

04-15-08, 11:45 PM
so the Rain-X has a fit for Escalade? People in store could not tell.
I have used the Rain-X and these were the best I used: silent, strong. Great.

04-16-08, 11:26 AM
Trico--use--exact replace

04-16-08, 11:35 AM
Trico part#
NeoForm Blade - Driver & Passenger Side 16-2213
Exact Fit Blade - Driver & Passenger Side 22-13

04-16-08, 08:32 PM
scroitoru -- yes only the new rain-x (latitude) blade will fit.. the traditional blades will not fit..

if you want the part # i'll find it for you

04-17-08, 10:21 AM
dave, no worries. i pulled all the info i needed from their web site. thx anyway.