View Full Version : tire pressure with kuhmo ecsta 305/45R/22 tires

03 blk 6.0
04-13-08, 01:18 AM
im sure someone else is running these tires, i need to know the recommended pressure to get a good ride and good economy, on the tire it reads 44 psi max but it never has that much weight on one wheel, i want to try and get rid of the bump-steer and the tracking it has on the highway every time you hit a bump or a line on the road

04-13-08, 05:16 AM
i had those tires and only had them once for that exact reason they track all over the road and it is really annoying
its too bad the tread pattern is so sexy :(

04-13-08, 07:17 AM
You should never fill the tires to the max pressure on the tire unless you are towing or hauling a lot of weight. The stock 22's on the 07's call for 36 lbs, I like 40 lbs in my 24's.