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04-12-08, 06:37 PM
ok.. here is my problem.. i currently have the battery disconnected from my truck.. i was taking some stuff out of truck and locked the keys in the truck.. the spare key is with the academy that I am attending.. so right now i am locked out of the truck.. is there any way of giving the truck a small amount of power so that the key fob will unlock the doors or with the battery disconnected is it impossible? Thanks

04-12-08, 08:08 PM
I'm guessing that you can not get under the hood or you could just reconnect the battery, right...?

I don't know where else you could possibly apply power to the vehicle.. I have seen devices that plug into the cigarette lighter that allow you to jump start the vehicle, but if you could do that then you'd already be inside the truck :)

You could probably just release the hood through the grille and reconnect the battery -- or you could use a long rod to slide the lock manually by pushing it through the top of the door.. that's what I did when I needed to get into my truck and the battery was dead..