: Engine noise is gone.

04-12-08, 05:15 PM
Never had a problem with the way my EXT ran but it did always have a rapping or loud ticking sound in the engine.
Just thought it was piston slap since it would quiet down after the engine warmed up.
About a month ago it started to get louder ( sounded like a diesel ) and didn't go away even after the engine warmed up.
I started to think it was a sticky Lifter instead of piston slap.
Well, about a week ago got stuck in traffic taking 2 hrs to go 2 miles.
So basically all that time the truck was just sitting idling for 2 hours.
Since then, no more rap or ticking from the engine and still running like a charm.. ;)
Any thoughts on whether it was a sticky lifter or not ?

04-12-08, 06:10 PM
Don't know, the last one of my Escalade's that made an engine noise exploded, but you will know that noise if you heard it, and you will never forget it. :(