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04-12-08, 03:20 PM
I removed the windshield washer fluid reservoir for the time being. I already had FULLY gutted the stock airbox in all directions plus cut a hole in the steel underneath the box for it to draw from that area.

This is in preparation for a 3.25 - 3.5" "Cold Air Intake"...the ID of the MAF is roughly 3 1/8th...OD is 3.5"...i would think 3.25 would be a better option to keep the path as uniform as possible.

i am moving the PCM slightly to allow for pipe routing. This is no big deal to do...

The pipe will run into the existing hole in the steel and a cone will be situated down in the airdam/fender where the washer fluid used to be. A plate will be fabbed and tacked to the steel "floor" to seal off the draw to the airdam/fenderwell area only. I will then re-fab a fluid tank and reinstall the washer fluid in another location UP TOP so i can get to the bastard if need be (i almost had to jack the car up to remove it!!!!). already with the tank removed (a huge restriction in the path) i noticed a slight SOTP gain. I would anticipate with a completed setup and relocation of the IAT i should see a small gain at the track. My guess is 1-2 tenths at MOST, but still a gain...and mostly for free (besides cost of tubing)...

this will also be prepping for 80mm TB install later this season. I might have the actual intake finished by that time...who knows...lol

04-24-08, 08:59 PM
tonight i completed phase 4386789679208 of the ongoing intake tract work.

the endeavor included the use of several air tools, such as an air nibbler and cutoff wheel. Also put to use were a large drill bit and reamer.

i once again removed stock airbox/pcm/IAT...from there i contemplated a new temporary location for the IAT. since i knew i had to add about 10" for the CAI setup i went ahead and extended the IAT wires. twist, solder, and double taped.

I further cut out the hole behind the headlight. this is where the air nibbler came in handy. due to angles i had to cut sometimes 1/8th inch at a time, but thats how it goes. tight it is in a N* engine bay...the only way this area can now get any bigger is a complete removal of some semi-structural areas and i really didnt want to do that.

the stock airbox was again altered so the IAT could be positioned. I removed more material from the inside of the airbox. It is merely a shell of its former self...literally. the IAT now resides on the front side of the LOWER section of the airbox where the PCM sits. I used the large drill bit to start a hole and the reamer to finish to size for a snug fit for the IAT. combined with the new mods to the airbox this should put it directly in the path of the cold(er) air rushing in...the old hole in the top airlid where the IAT used to be was plugged with a plastic cap and silicone.

now keep in mind this is merely temporary till i can completely fab the new CAI setup. the IAT will be located even further downstream once completed.

cost of tonights mods: free due to having a bunch of stuff laying around the house
expected gains: little to none till full CAI/80mm TB/80mm Spacer is completed

will be putting up pics once im not such a lazy bastid...

04-26-08, 12:00 AM
tonight marked first use of the welder this year...as i took some scrap sheetmetal and welded up a airdam scoop thingie for the eventual cold air intake. it bolts to the front fascia where the stock POS shield used to and also wraps up inside the inner fender and bolts there. it isnt going anywhere. it also isnt finished so one side is wired up right now. i need to cut/fit/weld 2 more pieces or so to get it right but as it sits it is semi-functional and grabs/forces air up into that fenderwell area where the filter for the CAI will be. it hangs about 2" down from the fascia BUT it is right even with the lower support/frame underneath the car which is the lowest point in the front end, so there is actually no ground clearance loss.

04-26-08, 11:00 AM
Glad to see someone else doing this, Im going to experiment with the UIM spacers i made over the weekend, i would also consider switching over to the 00' style UIM and TB/MAF combo, They flow alot better.

04-26-08, 01:28 PM
finished scoop...crappy cellphone pic below: