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04-12-08, 01:45 PM
I'm currently upgrading my 01 DTS to the Navigation that Jason sells and was wondering who has better programming. I have XM now, but never had Sirius and would like to know which one has better programing. I'm more of a music fan. I do know that the 2 are merging, but was curious to which provider have better and more choices of music. Thanx in advance.

04-14-08, 11:52 AM
It all depends..

What type of music do you enjoy?

I was one of the orginal members of both XM and Sirius. I had XM when they were $9.95 a month and still had commercials !!

I still have both services in both cars. I enjoy some channels on each service. So many factors can go into which service is right for you. Let me try and help.

1. Yes, the two companies are merging. The DOJ just signed off on the deal a few weeks ago and all that is left to allow the merger is the FCC giving the OK. Thing is, the FCC has never gone against DOJ recommendation. So, its pretty much a slam dunk.

What that means for you and I is that some channels from Sirius are going to go over to XM and vice versa. That can be a good thing or a bad thing depending what you like. The customers won't get to pick.

When they merge, new receivers capible of getting both services are several years away. So, current receivers should work for awhile. Currently you can't get XM or a Sirius receiver and vice versa.

Why? Well, let me give you a short bit of history.

Orginally, when the FCC released the bandwith for sat. radio, it alloted enough for 3 companies. This they hoped would bring stiff competition and keep the prices low.

Several compaines bid on each "section. Sirius was actually the first to win thier bid. When they launched the "birds" they put them in an elpital orbit pattern. They launched three "birds" that are high (66,000 miles, i think) and orbit in a sort of figure 8 pattern around North America and down to South America. That means that at any given time 2 birds are above the US and the other one is down below South America. As each bird leaves the North America side, it powers down the transponders and just kinda sleeps as it orbits.

How is this setup good for you? Well, sat signals are direct line. That means they don't go through building very well. So, the higher the sat signal, the easier it is to get the signal in urban areas.

How is it bad? Well, if you have a home dock you have to reposition the antenna every 6-8 hours.

XM (formly known as American Mobile Sat. Company) launced two "birds" (known as "rock" and "roll") over N.A. in a sycronized orbit. What that means is, they are lower in the sky and they rotate as the earth rotates. They are always in the same place in the sky.

On a side note, XM had a serious power problem with those birds about a year ago. They lauched a back up bird (rythim) and placed tht into orbit over near texas. They then moved "rock" over next to "roll". That way the two can run of half power and the third can run full power.

How is this good? well, its just the opposite of Sirius. Don't ever have to move antenna but not great urban reception.

BTW, both use ground repeaters to enhance signal in weak areas.

With that out of the way I will tell you my opinion of each service.

Having XM first, I was somewhat partial to them. They have VERY deep playlists. XM plays alot of "B Sides" of things. They aren't very hit driven and you can sometimes go for several songs before you hear something you know or like. The good thing is, you discover songs you never heard before or hear songs you haven't heard in years. The bad is you can sometimes get real bored and flip the stations alot.

Sirius is much more hit based. They play the songs you know and love. They don't have all tha deep of playlists and I hardly ever hear a song i don't know. The problem with that is, sometimes the repitition can drive you nuts.

I like XM's decades channels, Jazz channels, the Hitlist channel (30) and MLB play by play of every game.

I like Sirius talk (Howard Stern) and thier rock channels (Classic Vinyal) and the soul channels bettter. They also have NFL play by play.

Al in all its up to your preference. I would encourge you to go to each compainies website and sign up for the three day trial. They don't sell your e-mail address so don't worry about getting spammed to death afterwords.

Listen to each one then chose which is right for you. You will know after a few hours of listening which is the one for you.

Also, Google XM Forums and Sirius Forums. They are several forums out there like this one that have great pointers about each service.

Sorry I can't be more help. Its really a personal choice on which to chose. Some like Ford, some like GM. To each his own.

Let me know if you have anymore questions. I'll try not to answer with a book..

04-14-08, 09:46 PM
Thank you so much Ilikecru. I really appreciate all the info. I currently subscribe to XM and I am on the 3 day trial for Sirius. They both in my opinion have hit and miss issues, but I'm kinda leaning in the direction of XM. I will Google both providers and read up on Sirius some more. One thing I must say is that XM does offer better yearly pricing that Sirius does. Thanks again for the helpful info.


04-15-08, 06:41 PM
Glad I could help...

One last thing...

Sirus will charge you a fee if you cansel before your time is up.

If you pay upfront for a year and then try and cancel at 6 months they are going to hit you with a $75.00 cancel fee.

XM does not do that at all. If you cancel at anytime, they will refund you the difference prorated for the month.

Again, I am happy with both services.

Yup, I have 150 channels of music, 60 channels of talk, and one full 160 g Ipod in my car.

Just can't stop the music..... :yup: