: Steering wheel cleaning tip.....

05-26-04, 11:19 AM
I just wanted to throw this little tip out there for all of you with the light tan(shale) color steering wheel. Mine looked pretty beat. I just just had my 98 ETC serviced and the mechanics had some scary stuff on their hands. Well consquently this oil and grime got all over my steering wheel. I was trying to read up on the forum to find what would be the best cleaner to use on the steering wheel and gear shift. Well I was watching QVC and they were selling microfiber rags and the guy said that it will clean almost anything with just water. So I just took a shot in the dark and grabbed my 50 cent microfiber rag that I bought at Walmart and got it a little damp and starting wiping. Let me tell you it brought the steering wheel brighter and cleaner then when I bought the car. It also worked wonders on the gear shift. I'm not sure if this is okay for the steering leather but really it's not much of anything other then water and cotton. This thread will probably get transferred over to the detailing section but I just wanted all of you guys to try this out if your steering wheel is looking bad.

05-26-04, 02:57 PM
awesome, thats about the same method i use. the only thing i'd warn people on is not to rub too hard, too often because the paint will come off; especially on the gear shift.