: Navigation HelP!!!

04-11-08, 03:56 PM
I recently purchased a 2007 escalade esv without nav. I found a good used unit and installed with the delco antenna p/n# 15201798. the nav works fine but the gps is blocked out on the unit. does anyone know if this is the right antenna or am i doing something wrong. :confused:

04-11-08, 05:57 PM
I would guess that everything is working properly, just that your antenna is not "seeing the sky"

I have an 08 escalade, everything installed from the factory, and even mine blocks out occasionally when it doenst have a good view of the sky.

Try relocating the antenna

04-11-08, 09:22 PM
I'll try that. btw, which version of the dvd do you have?

04-11-08, 11:21 PM
Sometimes when the vehicle is in the garage or is not out in the open there will be the GPS in the upper corner with a line through it. Have you tested it in different areas?

04-12-08, 10:10 PM
That GPS icon with the line through it is normal.. even if the car has a good view of the sky. The nav does not look for a GPS signal 100% of the time. The system is designed to store some information so that it does not need to have a constant signal in order to maintain your position.. When it has that icon it's just telling you that it is not requesting/receiving a GPS signal.. but it is normal even if you're outside with a clear view..

But this statement is general, referrring to factory installed units.. As far as your question about why it is happening in your case after installing the nav unit.. You may need to have it reprogrammed.. This is just a guess but it would be a good place to start.. if you haven't already, make sure that your radio is programmed for your VIN and that you have set the proper region and location.. Just a guess though

04-14-08, 05:56 PM
Dave, you hit it on the head. I took it unit to the local cadillac dealer and thought that i was getting it "programmed". After the issues i discussed on the forum, i took it back to them along with the wind noise issue (thats another story) and come to find out i only got it unlocked! So now they need to program to my vehicle. Fine, or so i thought. I get a call from them later saying they are having a problem programming it. I called the guy i brought it from and he basicly said they dont know what they are doing. After he explained the proceedure, i believed him. (thanks forum!) so i'm going to go to the dealer tomorrow and have them call my guy and get it taken care of. Thanks again.

04-15-08, 09:07 PM
Glad to see you are making headway..

Here is why they may be having trouble programming it.. When they go to program any module on your vehicle, they have to upload your VIN # into the Tech II and then when they connect to the GM database it will list all the valid programs & calibrations based on your VIN.

Obviously if your truck was not built with NAV your VIN will not support it. However they should be able to go in and manually select the calibration that you need for your truck. It gets a little tricky though because all of the other RPOs must match with what you have in your truck EXCEPT the RPO for the radio itself.. They will need the one for the SuperNAV... Also depending on when your nav unit was built there may be more than one calibration available for it..

As far as I know you should be able to do it (but that's just what I think).. But it will probably take some trial & error with programming the correct calibration..