View Full Version : 98 STS Staled Out! and wont start.

05-26-04, 05:35 AM
I pulled out the engine and replaced the head gaskets. I then put everything back together and it started fine after it cleared itself out. I let the car sit and idle for about 45 minutes and the engine sounded fine. I took the STS to a gas station and filled it up and then took on the freeway for a mild test drive. The STS ran fine for about 30 minutes and after I punched to 110 mph it stalted out. I pulled over to the side of the freeway and the STS would not start. Called AAA.

It sounds like the timing chane jumped or something to that effect. When starting it sounds like it wants to start and then barly stays on with the foot all the way to floor. I pulled the valve covers off and checked the chane and the timing marks and everything was A O.K!

Pulled the spark plugs and it looks like the left side of the spark plugs are black. The right side looks clear and wet with fuel. Also on attempting to start there is white smoke being ejected from the tail, and smells like raw/unburnt fuel.

Any Ideas folks? Please help and share some suggestions.
I'm going to do a compression test on the cylinders tomorrow. I'm doing this to verify that the motor is intact and proper compression is being developed.

I am willing to share what I know in regards to the mechanic work I've done with my STS. So, let me know you all, if I can help.

05-26-04, 10:01 AM
Have you checked the fuel pressure regulator? Check fuel pressure too.

After doing major work it's possible something came loose so check around the throttle body and for any vacuum leaks.

Did you timesert the block?

05-26-04, 11:39 AM
Do the individual cylinder compression test to see if all cylinders are devloping compression equally. That will tell you if a chain failed or something. The timing drive is very very robust and certainly not prone to "jumping time" unless something was not assembled correctly.....

I sounds like an injector may be sticking or the FPR is leaking fuel into the manifold. I would check the injectors for a stuck open injector and/or the fuel pressure regulator for a ruptured diaphragm. Pull the vacuum line off the FPR while cranking or with the fuel pump running and the system pressurized to see if any fuel leaks from the vacuum nipple on the FPR...none should. You can also disconnect the injector hold-down clips and lift up the fuel rail to view the injector tips. Energize the fuel pump to see if any injectors are stuck open.

How did you handle the retiming of the cam drive chains. Was the front cover removed to retime all the marks or were the chains left inplace in the engine during the head removal...???

05-26-04, 02:36 PM
When I replaced the head gaskets I had to take of the chane and then re-assemble to factory specs.

I have replaced the fuel filter which is in really bad shape. Still no change! Car won't start!! What can it BE????

I'm doing Cylinder compression test today and I'll post the results. I'll also check the fuel pressure to verify that proper pressure is being generated.

05-26-04, 05:33 PM
Did you timesert the block?
White smoke? Doesn't sound like a fuel problem to me. Could have blown the new head gasket. I don't think I would have run it up to 110 mph so quickly. I would have ran the engine modestly until the rebuild was diagnosed OK.

05-27-04, 02:51 PM
White smoke is a common sign of a stuck injector or leaking fuel pressure regulator. I know that conventional wisdom says that "too much fuel" means black smoke....but.....grossly excessive too much fuel like with a stuck injector or ruptured fuel pressure regulator will almost always cause white smoke. If the cylinder is still firing but rich black smoke can usually be expected. When the fuel is so excessive the cylinder stops firing it makes white smoke. Seen it many times.