: Got some new rims for the Viper!

04-10-08, 09:50 PM
Here is the stock look, I posted some pics before when I got the car.......




As if the Viper did not get enough attention..............

HRE 545R 3 piece forged aluminum, and fully polished.






04-10-08, 09:52 PM
ha... i love that you got a "shelby" in the background of one of the shots

the granddaddy of the viper... shoehorn the biggest motor into the smallest car you can

04-10-08, 09:57 PM
The old wheels looked great, but really kept the "classic" Viper look.

Now it looks a lot more modern, and could even pass for a new Viper if you weren't in the know. Good move;)

04-10-08, 10:00 PM

04-10-08, 10:01 PM
ha... i love that you got a "shelby" in the background of one of the shots

the granddaddy of the viper... shoehorn the biggest motor into the smallest car you can

I seen him rollin up PCH and waited a few extra seconds to get him in the pic, thinking exactly what you said.:cool:

Yeah, my buddy has a 03 and everyone likes the 95 when they are next to each other. it has a much more distinct look then the newer ones in most everyone's opinion. :cool2:

04-10-08, 10:05 PM
Its hot man, love it. Will own one when I dont have the kids to haul around. I'll be a cool 60 something year old blasting some oldies like Guns 'n Roses cruising in a Viper or something equally cool.

04-11-08, 12:00 AM
F'in 6 lug rim sunsabitches!!!!!!!!!

04-11-08, 12:03 AM
Big TQ + 345 wide tires=need 6 lug lmao.

04-11-08, 01:17 AM
Awesome, I was never a fan of those three spokes.

04-11-08, 01:26 AM
Three spokes FTW.

God, how do you keep the pu$$y at bay in that thing???

04-11-08, 03:34 AM
Those wheels look phenomenal!, but I gotta admit the original wheels were not bad at all and don't look dated even after all these years.

One thing that DOES need to go? That "DODGE" emblem on the back. You've got this kick ass, no holds barred car with awesome Viper emblems all over the place, a little R/T10 sprinkled here and there, and then a weak "Dodge" emblem that looks like it belongs on a '95 Avenger. It looks completely out of place. I'd put the letters in safekeeping for collectability purposes, but would remove it if it were mine. It would be like a modern STS having Cadillac cursive script halfway across the trunklid. The wreath and crest, much like that angry Viper logo, is more than sufficient and conveys exactly what anyone already knows.

04-11-08, 11:36 AM
F'in 6 lug rim sunsabitches!!!!!!!!!
LOL ya. Vipers have 6x114.5 vs the V's 6x115's. I've always wondered if they were 'close enough' to fir a V.

My buddy up the street has a Viper, I just have never got around to giving it a try.


04-11-08, 12:03 PM
I kinda like that Dodge logo. It's very "90s correct".

04-11-08, 01:22 PM
I kinda like that Dodge logo. It's very "90s correct".

I think logos of any kind on bumper covers to begin with are tacky. I think Chrysler is by far the worst at this habit. However, I dont mind the Viper logo to the far right, looks good. Just the Dodge kinda dorks up the works back there.

This is like arguing about 1 loose bolt out of 432,000 on a rollercoaster btw, it really doesn't matter, it's still a fukin Viper!

04-11-08, 01:25 PM
paint those damn rotor hats

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04-11-08, 01:36 PM
Looks like a brand new car. IMO those old wheels looked a little dated. The new wheels were a good choice. I agree that de-badging the car would make it look cleaner. You may find that the surrounding paint has faded and the paint underneath the badges stands out if you remove them.

04-11-08, 06:13 PM
paint those damn rotor hats

Ya. I am normally not for painting brake parts, but with those new wheels you can see all the rust on them.

04-11-08, 09:55 PM
Lookin Goooooood.:alchi: