: Installed B&M Short Shifter ... woooohoooo!

04-10-08, 09:19 PM
I installed the B&M short shifter today and WOW! :bouncy: Soooo much better than the stock shifter. $$$ well spent.

The whole install took about an hour and half to an hour and 45 minutes, would have been less if the install pictures didn't show the 2 bolts going in the opposite way than they're supposed to. Another install would probably only take 45 minutes now that I know what I'm doing. Also, I did it all by myself so I was crawling in and out from under the car a bunch of times.

I did not remove the exhaust, driveshaft, or center console, just the shifter boot.

My stock bushings were in GREAT condition at 37k miles compared to the pictures of others I've seen, so I've left them in for now.

The hardest, or most frustrating part was probably drilling out the metal rivets. Once again, the B&M instructions steered me wrong, calling for a 3/8" bit but the 5/16" ultimately worked way better.

I've heard some say the B&M shifter is too loud - mine is no louder than the stock. I think it actually sounds better - a click into gear instead of the "thump" type sound from before. I don't think there's any need to dynomat yet.

I find that the issues getting into reverse have been completely resolved with the short shifter. Where before it was sometimes a chore and required some finagling to get to reverse, now it is a smooth, short throw each time.

I have no experience with the UUC, but would definitely recommend the B&M at only $200. I'm falling in love all over again! :D

04-11-08, 07:55 AM
Ain't it sweet? :yup:

I've driven both UUC and B&M, and they're both very comparable in feel and both SO-O-O much better than the stock shifter. Makes driving the car a whole new experience ... more connected to the car and its drivetrain ... a huge improvement.

BTW, did you do the UUC bushings, too? I recommend them as my stock bushings looked a bit tired at around 20k. Call Luke at Lindsay, however, he may not have them anymore. If you do get them, do a search here regarding the install (there's a trick to doing it) or PM me. :thumbsup:

04-11-08, 08:25 AM
Too funny...I just installed my B&M last night! Amazing differerence and worth every penny. Drove the car up on ramps and took me about 1:30 myself. I didn't even loosen up the console at all...just removed the boot and went from there. I drilled out the Rivets with a very small bit first and then a larger bit. Took 5 minutes with no issues.

Based on feedback on this forum I did install the UUC Bushings...It was the tougest part as I did trim the edge as recommended.

Rand49er - I have to say thanks since I went with the Dynamat stuff to quiet things up based on your experience shared....Shifter couldnt be quieter!