: Please help 1995 STS "Service Engine Soon" jumping out of gear?

04-10-08, 08:45 PM

You have solved my past problems and I need your help again.......

The "Service Engine Soon" idiot light comes on with no codes.

While driving down the road at about 40-45 MPH the car shutters as though it has hit a speed bump and like it has slipped out of gear or has down shifted . The Tach goes erratic revs up down etc and the engine looses power as though it wants to shut down.

This happens every once in a while about 3 miles or 10 minutes going down the road. Once you slow down to idle speed and then start to it drive again everything seems fine until it does it again.

I tried to disconnect the Battery to reboot the computer when the first it happened to clear the memory, took it for a test drive with the same result.

I checked the trans fluid as per specifications level was fine.

Thank you for your help, Ian

04-11-08, 09:38 AM

I found a currant code of A010

History codes are p056 p094 p109 I052 s044, No sir, no tcs